Isabelle Levistre became familiar with the photographic scene since her childhood. After a period of professional work in human resources who enrichened her experience, photography came to her as an evidence and a medium to express herself. Since 2006, her projects reveal to us her dreamlike universe.
Isabelle Levistre’s work explores the body, childhood and identity. Her poetic and feminine universe comes across her images through her subjective reality. The pictures are not here to be shown, they are here to suggest something different.
Always seeking for sincerity, her feelings and impressions are unveiled through her experiences, a point of view that can awaken the viewer’s curiosity. Through her lense, she places herself in a distance and tells us stories where doubles and mirrors intertwine.
As a photographic author, she likes processing her pictures herself through an old revealing technic, as well as digitally.
Her first serie ANAMNÈSE presented during the International Fair of Bièvres 2009, won the first prize. Three other series have been made since then: NÉRÉIDES, MELANCHOLIA and ARBOR ESSENCE.

Isabelle Levistre lives and works in Paris.

Artist statement:
"An image, that wicht starts, engage, determine.
Trough the prism of the sight gives up itself, feels, listening finally.
The poetry of the moment, the present moment.
A breath, the silence, black and white in the darkroom.