Artist statement:

Between lyrical abstraction and abstraction composition, Sophie Kao's work questions nature troughout its fractal construction. We are fractal shape ubiquitous in nature? And why does this fractal structure enderlie every  living being, every single thing, and why does it rule them from the infinitely small trough the infinitely big? All of Sophie Kao's painting explore these fractal shapes thanks to a technique developed by the artist, who uses inks and preparation of wich she holds the secret. These fractal shapes, omnipresent throught the work of the artist, obsessively question the living and corroborate a holistic vision of the world where all of nature shapes originated from caotic simple processes. Sophie Kao discovered a new way of painting, a technique, very different from the "algorithmic art" which lies within fractal art, very well described in Susan Condé work: "Fractality in contemporary art.