Artist statement:

I was born in Geneva, around three decades ago. I draw since my young age, and acquire my first photo camera at the age of seven. That was a very flat camera, and I was convinced that it was spy technology. Since then, my fascination for images, and my art practice have never ceased. I entered the National Superior Fine Arts School of Paris to complete my approach of art and my techniques. I had the opportunity to create with a lot of different medias, such as a super-8 experimental movie, a photographs art book, classical drawings and a short fiction movie, as well as a human size sound and light installation. It has been an incredible, rich and rewarding experience.I supplemented my training at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles as a grant holder. While discovering this city, where I shot a short movie, I have established an utterly new relation to the metropolitan architecture and to urban spaces. My scale notions had changed. I now live and work in Paris, and I always love to make images around the world .I am specialized in urban landscapes and architecture photography. "There must be a reason" as David Lynch would say. But above all, it's because I love cities, and what they emanate and give off.