Saint Cloud

Art Outdoors Experience Association organizes for the second time with the complicity of the teams of the National Domain of Saint-Cloud a course of art in the open air integrating perfectly in the different spaces that proposes the low park: the Big Cascade, meadows, trees, paths, groves, clearings, walls, historical monuments, ponds, lawns ...
This second edition, entitled "Terrestrial Life" composed of a wide variety of types of works in terms of subject, style and format, is sponsored by the Minister of Culture.
This proposal aims to raise awareness of contemporary art among a wide audience. Thus the invited artists coming from all horizons of the French scene propose a selection of works likely to integrate the projects real estate within the framework of the charter "1 building, 1 work".
Signed in 2015, by major players in the real estate sector who are committed to acquiring a work of art for any building program.
This open course open to all public for a period of three months is a journey, a stroll, a walk. It creates the possibility, even the surprise that a work could create by appearing, appearing incongruously or obviously to the visitor when detouring a path, a tree or a building.
A magical garden where the proportions are upset, where the perception is changed.
The outdoor works have the particularity of making a new landscape and to encourage the spectator to be able to look at it and to discover it from new angles. The walker will be confronted with works without being forced, which is in itself a unique experience, an aesthetic event, initiatory. . .

Sophie Kao-Arya, Lola Moser, Frédéric Marquis