Jean Benoist Sallé : "A L'OMBRE DE L EDEN"
Jean Benoist Sallé : "A L'OMBRE DE L EDEN"

Jean Benoist Sallé

Marked by a childhood to live at the top of a tree, Jean-Benoist Sallé, visual artist, seeks, through his work of the image, to make the impalpable of these first moments.
Trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bourges, then at EFET's video and photography school in Paris, he developed his taste for scenographic and dramatic lighting techniques for the great painters of the French language. obscure. From Caravaggio to Bill Viola, he continues to study the strengths and fragilities of light, which will lead him to make several partnerships with Parisian cinema, theater and photo studios where he will also discover a passion for photography. staging.
Whether it's through photography, installation, video or drawing that he sees as the basis of his creative process and to which he places a fundamental role, Jean-Benoist leads us to the discovery of intimate landscapes mats deeper of us.
At the same time, he closely examines the mind-body relationship and follows a good number of courses in the field of energetics that will make him fully aware of the subtle links that connect each Being to its different dimensions and its surroundings. Dimensions that will incarnate within his video installations, his images where the share of invisible will appear as a gateway to poetic reveries.
Throughout his work Jean-Benoist questions representation: what is an image? How do we apprehend them, what impact do they have on our behaviors, our feelings and how do they elaborate our way of seeing the world, of constructing it and of interacting with it?
To interrogate the images is to question the very idea of ​​reality, to understand its contours and content.